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Oktober 2017

25 oktober kl 12.15–13.00

When and How do I Quote, Summarize or Paraphrase?

Föreläsning Quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing allow you to incorporate into your paper what others have to say about a particular topic. Summarizing and paraphrasing also enable you to demonstrate your understanding of a text. This lecture explains the differences among these three ways and shows you how each one may be useful in different circumstances.

26 oktober kl 14.00–16.00

Academic Support Walk-in Service - last Thursday each month

Övrigt Writing tutors are available to answer your writing-related questions.

31 oktober–1 november

Kunskapsveckan 2017

Konferens Kunskapsveckan vänder sig till skolans personal.

Sidansvarig: Carl Larsson