About the Department

Range of course

The main activity of the department is education of teachers in preschool, after-school centers, compulsory school and high school, orientatated towards mathematics, science and technology. The department also participates in courses in the general education area. We offer independent courses in OutDoor Education and in the didactics of mathematics. We also offer in-service training for teachers (Lärarlyftet).

Internationalization and research

Our cooperation with universities, university colleges and departments in other countries are carried out in the form of projects and through our teachers' individual network contacts.

European projects:

OutLab www.outlab.ie/
Dial:Connect www.stran.ac.uk/informationabout/research/dialconnect/
OIKOS www.e-oikos.net/gmap/oikos.htm
Network “Education for Sustainable Development: Research and Pedagogical Work in Teacher Education and Informal Education”: in cooperation with Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia) and Grodno Pedagogical University (Belarus) www.educ.umu.se/~popov/ESD/

Research cooperation with university in India

(Homi Bhabha Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education www.hbcse.tifr.res.in/Data/ObjectType/h/hbcse1/viewObjectType

Teacher and student exchange with Universidade Federal de Bahia, Salvador, Brazil


International research project:

Developing and analysing videocases to teach undergraduate level mathematical reasoning.

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